Aim and scope

The peer-reviewed Indonesian Journal of Linguistics, Culture, and Communication publishes high-quality original research focusing on publishing articles that contribute to the ongoing discussion in all areas of the study of Linguistics, Culture, and Communication.

The Journal of Linguistics, Culture, and Communication is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes theoretically essential topics in linguistics, culture, and communication research. It offers a venue for researchers dedicated to systematic and thorough study from various theoretical backgrounds and areas of interest. All theoretical frameworks can contribute but should be directed to a broad audience. To make their work accessible to scholars from various fields, they should be clear about their assumptions and discovery processes and give enough academic background.

This publication also emphasizes the connection between culture and language. Original research and review papers in the language, social, and cultural sciences are published in this publication. It was founded to preserve the growing interest in the relationship between language and culture in modern social science, and it offers a venue for publications that theorize this relationship. The International Journal of Linguistics, Culture, and Communication also has a crucial publication for all communication experts and decision-makers. This journal focuses on communication research, practice, policy, and theory, presenting the most recent and essential discoveries in language, culture, and communication studies to its readers. The journal is particularly interested in research whose impact crosses disciplinary and sub-field borders because it aims to provide a public venue for scholarship on language, culture, and communication.